The Sway of Contentedness by Hariod Brawn

I have had some dialogue with the author of this book over past weeks and can say that I have found his insights and way to be refreshing. I recommend the book that he has written to those who are looking to explore an understanding of what they are experiencing as their life is transformed through presence, even those who are just beginning to look for a deeper experience in life. I personally have found it to be helpful in this way. Hariod gives a more unique  yet simple and informed description of how we can come to experience presence in our meditative way. He also  provides a thorough and authentic and very interesting reflection on what occurs as our consciousness shifts from a limited conditioned experience to a more vast and authentic way of seeing.

The book can be purchased through Amazon and is available as an e-book as well.

Too often in this life,  how we grow and develop is dependent on limited notions and definitions of what it means to be a person and how  to live ones life. These ways can result in the creation and perpetuation of a separate self leaving us insulated from the marvel,  mystery and wonder of a more fundamental engagement and  involvement with life.  Our conventional way of relating  can result in us feeling and  being quite disconnected, allienated from our creative essence, that is the essence of life and living. Hariod explores and reflects on these and other issues in a genuinely unique and practical way more from a direct experience rather than as an intellectual exercise.

It is from convention that we are conditioned to pay attention to external cues in following our way in life. It may be that in following conventional ways that there is a quality of security and comfort that is attained from this way of conformity albeit superficial and shallow in tis essence. As well there may be some other more popular sensations generated out of adopting this ideal of the pursuit of happiness in life. My own experience in working with children and youth is that most resist this conditioning likely out of a sense of the inevitable loss of something more fundamental and essential to life. Often the skills and ability are not available to them to be able to communicate this but it is often reflected and expressed in other ways.

Not paying attention to a more authentic way of being is endemic in our world. There is a point where most wake up to the chaos, disorder and creative stagnation that the following of conventional ways perpetuates both in our selves, our cultures and our greater society. It is helpful to hear and read what others have experienced in their search back to themselves. Most often those who have had this experience understand that there is a letting go of what we have come to be, involved in this subtle shift in attention to what is, that is key to this.

3 thoughts on “The Sway of Contentedness by Hariod Brawn

  1. Thank you so much for the honour of including mention of my writing in this article Gord. I am gratified that my words chime with your own take on this subject matter, and it is humbling to read here that this is so.

    With gratitude and respect.



    1. You are very welcome but they are utterred in truth Hariod. Humility, I am discovering as you are that there is much benefit from being able to find such moments.


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