Taking Chances Every Chance I Get

My wife in her sensible way will not stand in the rain as I love to do nor will she wander from the path when we are hiking on trails as I am inclined to. These days many people are wary of going beyond the boundaries of the known and cultivated. Granted there isn’t much in our world today that is uncultivated and as well we are constantly prompted to adhere to what others have discovered as truth and to those who have made the way safe for us.
I am grateful for the easy access that I have to Canada,s fringe areas and that i can explore these edges. For me there is something to be learned in leaving the confines of the known. What we think we know and what we think is safe and secure is questionable. There  is inevitably something sacrificed in our obsession with feeling safe and secure. Our lives are often reduced to that. Many insightful writers have realized this  including Stephen Batchelor who’s book “The Faith to Doubt” encourages a questioning of what we have been taught to be true and pursuit of a knowing that is more experiential.

It is not that I have discovered security in this way, in fact I have become aware that I live my life with a constant sense of vulnerability. I have made many mistakes in living this way although i don’t regret being inclined so because there is a sense of being fully alive  and being in authentic relationship with the mystery and impermanence that is the truth of life. In learning to live more fully I have come to know myself and to become aware of my self fixation and how it has involved hurting innocent individuals, all this occurring in ignorance,and naivety  and without compassion.

Some may feel that there is a tempting of fate in living this way, beyond the safety net and the known and the secure, that is of greater risk than benefit; that we should refrain from making waves and avoid fearful experiences..I have a sense that I have opened and learned from this way and through coming to take responsibility for mistakes and the resolution of them. It has led to an expansion of consciousness, a openness to exploring deeper truth and a more creative way of relating to life. It has become a way of life that continues to bring rewards, not in a material sense but in helping me in coming to a greater sense of knowing myself and my connection in the bigger world of things.

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