3 thoughts on “A Clear Day

  1. A fine piece of work Gord, if I may say so. I love abstract art myself, rather more so than figurative or realism. May I ask what is the size of this piece, and the medium?


    1. Thank You for your comments and I must say to you that I am enjoying your book quite a bit although I am only on Chapter 3. I prefer abstract work as well Hariod. I use to paint more realistic but more and more these days I am moving toward more abstract expression. The piece that you have commented on is actually a smaller piece Hariod but I will use it to create a larger version. I was happy with it. I have to transport some of my work to Toronto to a show. I have been asked to showcase my work in a gallery there. I still dont know if i want to go through all this right now. I am looking forward to hiking and enjoying the outdoors of Canada. I dont have a great need to make money right now so I have not been involved in a large effort to sell my art. I am really in a fortunate place that I can paint to create and I dont have much skill for doing more than that. I think that if i had to I would but the need is not there right now. My wife is a wonderful surgeon and is rewarded monatarally for that although she herself is more interested ín other things. She has worked overseas for over ten years and loves photography with a passion in her spare time.


      1. Thank you for your response Gord. I can see this piece working on a large scale and were it not for the print media appearing in it (“calendar”), then would have thought it to be of substantial size. It’s funny how some works can suggest a scale or monumentalism that belies their actual surface size. I wouldn’t understand the technical or psychological reasons for this effect, though have noticed it in the past when viewing certain paintings.

        I hope your trip to Canada is peaceful and enjoyable, and that the show in Toronto goes well for you whenever it opens. I imagine that it must be gratifying to gain exposure and recognition even if, as you say, the need for sales is not there. I hope also that the effects of the recent unpleasant experience are beginning to show signs of subsiding, and if not, then I’m sure that a good trip to your home country will work wonders in that regard.

        All best wishes to yourself and to your wife too.



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