To Become Human

Could it be that the meaning in life of being born human is to become human. After all these centuries of cerebral know how and the massive amount of technological development, that is a product of it , we are facing our demise. It is clear that something is missing. The way back from this material and rational vacuum of meaninglessness might be through the human heart. In wholness we can shift our collective perception to a place that we can envision the workings of the mind from a more comprehensive place closer to the heart.

I have recently discovered the author Arno Gruen. He discusses the process of self betrayal that occurs in human development as children and that it is a result of our conditioning. It is out of this self betrayal that developing personalities become violent and capable of brutality. As a psycho analyst he is clear that it contradicts Freuds assertion that human nature is violent. 

The Betrayal of Self: The Fear of Autonomy in Men and Women by Arno Gruen with forward by Ashley Montagu


These are both excellent resources and readable books by a Psyco Analyst that explores the destructiveness of human conditioning.

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