Those Moments When My Heart is Open

I was touched by a friends comments today about her granddaughter  and it resulted in some reflection. The truth is that I was  actually already reflecting on why I meditate at the time and why I hold so much to practicing mindfulness. My friend wrote  “that I am reliably amazed each day that I sink into my grand baby’s energy and vitality. Its uplifting, reminding, instructive and intuitive for me to be present with her. I feel resourced and revitalized, and often challenged.

We seem to be born into the world intensely alive and vibrant, eager to live driven by a curiosity, creativity and wonder about our vast new experience and then one day we come to a place where we begin to  pursue  something that leads us away from this ;  security, survival, success,  self-improvement, I am not sure what it is, but whatever it might be it is something outside of ourselves leading us away from ourselves. We really don’t have a choice at that point in time. Perhaps it is those around us who know nothing other than this, who are our teachers and models, and who for some reason have lost the sense of enchantment  and connection with life  along the way. I don’t know and maybe there is good reason for this occurring.  I am aware of the loss and that there was something in that way  of those times of being in the moment, not requiring much more than the care and nurturing of our loved ones, that there was wholeness.

It struck me later in the evening that I am drawn to awareness so that I can remember what the child knows. I am mindful to become aware of my habits and tendencies and ways, that I have learned, that have taken me away from that experience that a child knows. In that awareness there is a seeing that leads directly to letting go.

We are missing something in our following the conventional ways of rearing children. I am convinced that it is detrimental to raise  children  as we once did, feeling the need to form and condition them in the ways that  turn them into something. Our ways are largely fueled by a cultural learning. Maybe at one time it was essential to survival to be in this way.  But the impact and loss experienced in the use of these ways is beyond  most individuals  awareness. There is a loss of something essential and wondrous in following this way that is a fundamental part of our  humanness and in many instances the result is an obliterated or numbed sense of ability to experience compassion and love for ourselves,  others and for other beings.

These days in my daily life  I live for moments that my heart opens in awareness breaking through all of my habits and  tendencies to see through the  fog of my conditioning and recapture that experience of  life as a child experiences it with wonder, adventure and love and compassion for all. Meditation and a contemplative life have helped me again experience life in this way once again.

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