Our Pure Perception is the Root of Authentic Action

In our contemporary world, of pursuing our individual desires most of what we desire is  for things that are imagined. Desire is closely connected to thought and what we believe is needed or what outcome we believe is required is a product of our thinking process. The market place has experienced great advancements from its ability to influence thinking and desire in individuals.  Even popular ideologies such as capitalism, communism, democracy have experienced success because they have focused on creating a way of thinking and desire as a product of that in the belief that if the system can be changed in the designated way it will fix the problems. The ideology, the thinking , the problems and the desires have all been man-made.

When  we are able to perceive directly from a space not influenced by thinking and desire than a more authentic action can arise from that. When I perceive the corruption the malaise, the violence , the indifference, in society directly than action can arise from that direct seeing not as an intellectually fueled intention but from a heart influenced seeing.

I feel that we have come to rely far too much on our intellectual assumptions and in doing so have forfeited the intelligence of the heart or a more absolute way of being and involvement of that in our use of the mind, this being a significant reason for our modern state of affairs.


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