Freedom and Consciousness

If we are willing to look at our individualistic obsession with the concept of  freedom  we may discover that it is a confused ideal about what freedom is. I have often heard evangelical like references to the importance of the freedom to choose especially guaranteed in the American constitution. American gun lobby enthusiasts often aggressively assert their constitutional right that no one will take their freedom to bare arms away from them. In modern democracy and the evolution of consciousness we are naturally concerned about freedom but what does it mean to have freedom. What good does freedom do if it is based in ignorance and in self obsessive fixation. In these situations does the freedom to choose have anything to do with the elimination of barriers to growth and development or freedom of spirit. If we are burdened with habitual and compulsive ways that prevent any kind of insight or growth  what good is freedom to choose. It serves only to perpetuate more ignorance and  rigidity.

The only way that freedom can be of benefit is if it is contributing to a way of being that is life-giving and expansive, that  promotes openness, creativity love and compassion. When we are confined by the limitations and inadequacy  of concepts and ideals such as the freedom of individuals to carry guns and the freedom to be egocentric and narcissistic, (because in essence this is what we are talking about), than it is quite a relative perception and  we are not really choosing freedom in a more absolute sense. I also think it is quite clear that pursuing such relative ideals in the end is highly destructive and unrealistic in their perceived  intent. When we accept these definitions and creations of others without having had the opportunity to know and understand for ourselves the implications than what freedom do we have. The freedom to choose is a very small aspect of freedom. One mans freedom to choose can be another mans hell.

Ultimately it is important that we have had the opportunity to reflect on life beyond concepts and to contemplate a deeper reality which concepts are inadequate to describe. Our attachment to concepts without such a conscious influence means that something is always going to be missing in our formulations.

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