Our Nebulous World

The transition that I have had the good fortune to have experienced in my later life has been one of a shift from and exterior world to and interior world. I would not go so far as to say that I am in a fixed place of having transformed but more that I have awakened to something more authentic that I had lost touch with possibly a consequence of  the extreme exterior mechanical focus of  life. The life of an exterior human being a life of automatism, of unconsciously dictated thought and action of mechanical conformity to the standards and prejudices of those around us. In this exterior way there is also a lack of awareness to the extent that we are separated from an interior world.

So what is our world if the truth is that in our exterior focus the majority of us are  conditioned to be something that is not real or at  best partially real?  And if in that focus on  the exterior life there  is constant discontent with what one is in the present and that in turn perpetuates the ongoing effort to become something other. And in becoming the other; in creating a perceived heaven for ourselves we create a hell for others.

What if what is false and unspontaneous in our exterior way has become second nature to most and what seems to be freedom is in fact compulsion and what seems to be clear thinking is confused thinking? How can we trust what comes from humanity if this is the case.

It seems that many of our problems are a product of this quality of  incomplete seeing and understanding that is based on a reliance on a more exterior way of consciousness. Individuals in this way have a different quality of  faith in the exterior world, that solutions to our global problems will emerge from advances in technology, science, robotics or other human interventions.  But if aspects of our thinking in general are incomplete wont the solution always be incomplete  as well. The interior focus includes and adds  another aspect  to our thinking that is essential in our global considerations. That  is  a more whole  orientation while at the same time including an authentic realization of the individual role that is our  responsibility  if humanity  is  to resolve its many global dilemmas.

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