Becoming Our Perceptions

One way to perceive the evolution of religion is that it emerged at the same time that the dualistic brain was developing and at a time of increasing abstract thinking. Religion kept humans grounded and connected to something more fundamental and present in their being. I think that there is good reason to ask if it might have served than as it does in modern times, that is to keep individuals connected to something more fundamental in our origins in a way that words, concepts and abstractions are not able to do; something more authentic that can not be expressed so easily. Symbol and ritual became a way to do this and they still can serve in this way that points us back to a more experiential knowing which involves a more vast and direct awareness of how we fit into life on this planet and the universe, if not skewed and abstracted in their use and intent. Abstraction and rigid rational concepts have limitations in explaining that which is not of a linear, mechanical nature and more and more the world of science these days is realizing that the mechanical model and methods used for understanding the universe are limited in this way. But they are still being utilized despite the reality and risk that, with such an encompassing focus and conventional reliance on our mechanical conceptual perceptions, we might become them. In fact have we not become more mechanical in our ways at a cost of ignoring what is not so mechanical about being human or being a creature of this world and universe.

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