Opening the Heart

In opening my heart to what is I cant help but be aware of the immense suffering created in the world that is a consequence of human consciousness. I can’t seem to escape from this realisation and how it is that we might share with others the heaviness and pain that is felt in the heart that awareness brings, because intimacy, sharing and being open to others is such an essential human response if we are to hope for any possibility of resolution.
Words are limited in their ability to communicate this. Efforts that I make to attain some quality of authentic connection and sharing of my heart concern often seem to end up with me feeling quite alone. There is much pressure these days to discount what we feel in our hearts and to look for comfort that is promised to us almost everywhere we turn however much of a grasping at illusion this might be. This is so much so that most of us have lost that vital connection within ourselves, that is the source of more authentic realisation, and to intimately pay attention again seems contrary to the habits we have developed that has been the reaction. This is a desire to escape the pain that this awareness of reality brings.
There are gifted writers who in their ability to express their experience I am drawn to. It is not as much out of a habit of requiring something to read but that they are able to open my heart that I read at all. And I am more in the habit of wanting to live with an open heart despite so much around me that is a stimulus to close it.
Thomas Merton is one of those writers that  I am  writing about. The Inner Experience is said to be his last book. He left instructions that he did not want it to be published but made available to contemplative’s and scholars but somehow it was published.

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