A Mystery That Can Not Be known

What we are is a mystery. It is coming to live from this place: from this realisation that we live fully. Humankind has benefited from the adaptive ability to highly refine selective perception and it has had great benefits in terms of survival of the human species. But in this process of coming to rely on this evolved perception there has been a down side in that we  become veiled from what we are. Reliance on this selective consciousness takes away from a greater awareness of the whole and acceptance of our place in it. The whole can not be known through this process as the authentic nature of the self can not be.

For me the path to waking from this dilemma has been one of coming to rely on a knowing of a different kind that can not so easily be rationally supported. Up until now my life has been a process of becoming trained and conditioned. I have been coached and influenced to look for expertise and wisdom outside of myself and this has become habit.  There is and always has been an expert ready to assume that role for most everything in our modern world. And what do they really know. What they claim to know is constantly changing depending on  what color of glasses they are seeing from. believing that the world and all in it can be known in this way has contributed greatly to the confusion regarding who  I am.  More than anything it has detoured me from my own exploration and in finding  a more authentic way of seeing and understanding that comes as a result of my own direct experience and relationship with life.

A more direct seeing  has emerged from the veil for me and it  involves embracing a more realistic notion and acceptance of the imperfection that I am and of what  human kind and life  is. In our striving for survival; for perfection,  to be something,  we can miss this, not realising that in our origins there exists already a kind of perfection. We have been gifted with a very mysterious  creative ability that is part of our nature and blossoms  and contributes to our unfolding when fueled by a living that is unseparated from this nature. It is magically filled with unimaginable potential. Striving for perfection only separates us from this as striving to be something that we are not only separates us from what we are. Our efforts to understand from a place of our evolved selective consciousness are not a problem if we can realize that they are symbolic and abstract in their capacity. If we want a more absolute, direct and authentic experience we need only to let go and flow with the mystery that we are.

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