Boyhood by Richard Linklater

I found Boyhood to be a wonderful movie. It had a rating of 8.9 on the IMDB website data base which is a viewers rating. I read a number of reviews and found them to be over analytical and irrelevant missing the point. It is a long movie and It seems best to just be present to it beyond  intelectual effort to understand. There are aspects of the movie that can not be understood through words or analysis.

The movie is filmed over a sevan year period and uses the same actors over that time.  The main character a young boy named Mason,  begins the movie at 7 years of age, with his estranged family and ends as he enters college as an artist (love for photography) What he experiences reflects the challenges that a child might experience in their journey of becoming something in a human created adult world and on the other hand what they have to deal with if they are aware enough to want to retain the mystery  and larger ineffable connection that is at the heart of our existence. There are a number of individuals  in the movie who have lost that connection and there are a number who have sought to consciously rediscover and maintain it as part of their life. It is a very real movie in its expression of this duality in living. Mason ends the movie after he has hiked up to a mountain top in the American south with some new young friends and he shares with the young woman the wonder that is involved in being present. They both acknowledge this by saying to each other” grasp the moment”.

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