Going Home

 Our new home is virtually  a garden surrounded by birds plants and animals but in moving from our old home in the city there is an adjustment to be made.  I can see in myself that  whenever there is change there is adjustment. The more fixed part of my subjective self  becomes attached to whatever its experience is it seems
We have been busy moving these past few weeks ,  renovating and  more unpacking and setting up. Iris is struggling with it all. It seems to have lasted  a  long time and she has had to manage it on top of her work at the hospital.
 One would think that we would be immediately  happy in our new Garden of Eden place. We have talked about their being something in us that wants stability and permanence but now that we have  it,   it doesn’t seem fill us as we thought it would. It is a joyful peaceful place other than the plentiful birds that never seem to leave, but, ultimately we know that we have to look within for what we are looking for. I remember when my brother was dyeing he said to my mother that he wanted to go home. My mother felt hat he meant a bigger home, not his home in Fenelon Falls. I think that if we explore within ourselves, in a contemplative relaxed thinking  conscious way we find that we are all looking to go home.  But how do we get home while we are alive here on this earth?
   My own experience has revealed to me that this is possible but it involves looking in a different way than we have come to understand as learning. It is more a matter of not relying on  our habit of using symbolic understanding and identifying with self that we have come to know. If we can let go of all these ways that veil deeper realizations we can find that there is something that is much more vast and fundamental to our existence that is there, a part of us,  to be rediscovered. Maybe this is more of a home than we can know from looking to a more concrete place.

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