The Subtle Experience of Life

Last week I moved into a new home in Halle in east Germany. It is located a t the edge of a village and within a very forested area. Today Iris and I watched a pair of  woodpeckers in their routine and a hawk scanning and plotting his next move from the tree tops, things that we were never able to see in the our city location. Our neighboirs also told us of stories of seeing deer regualrly and the occassional siteing of a boar.

Living in nature has the ability to bring one back to a more natural way. In the civilized world we have become hypnotized by systems of symbolism. It’s hard for many to distinguish what is real and what is symbol these days. I don’t think that simply moving to the country automatically  wakes one up to the more intense vibrations of the real world although it can be a conduit for that to occur. It has to be more that somehow we become de-hypnotized to the degree that we let go of the conditioning that has contributed to it.

Why is it that we have to rediscover  this esoteric experience if we are to live a more real and whole life? Is it possibly because this ultimate truth of life is so subtle to the point that it  transcends our thinking about it. We must be able to distinguish a place of being from that of thinking that has become our habitual way if we are to have a more whole experience in life.

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