Enclosing Ourselves in the Illussion of Certainty

The snake that can not shed its skin perishes likewise those spirits which are unable to change their concepts are no longer spirits. Stefan Zweig

We can’t really do without structure and concepts in negotiating our world . But in coming to understand that the word is not the truth we can come to see them more as tools in understanding and in so doing we can come to relate to the world in a different more direct way.

We have come to crave structure as a way of providing security and certainty in our lives. Unfortunately when we are looking for truth the structures and concepts we use to understand are static as opposed to open and dynamic. If we are changing and the world is ever-changing how do static concepts help us to open to change and how do they authentically reflect truth?

We become confined and closed in our blind embracing of structures and concepts. Limitation in seeing can be their trapping. And in our blindness we succumb to the fear of insecurity which leads us away from the direct experience of living towards a more complacent structure seeking way of being.

If we have not stepped out into embracing the world from a more direct experience we can feel quite threatened by perceptions of a world that does not fit our familiar notions. In our selective perceptions we find security and the seeing of reality (truth) might involve learning to be in the world from a place beyond their secure and structured conditioning. We choose to live with the familiar and static in the institutions and forms that we attach to and in the concepts and structures that influence them. In a way we enclose ourselves in an habitual way in the illusion of certainty. The cost is that they in turn influence our perceptions of life and the world. Accepting from others in a literal way what they perceive is not a substitute for the truth of the direct experience.

Life is a far greater mystery and gift than our conditioning allows us to realize. To realize it we must learn to be with the insecurity and uncertainty that is part of that direct experience of the mystery.

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