Freedom From The Known

There are great benefits in coming to be  ready to  experience life free from our conditioning but it can be a long arduous process. It involves coming to accept truths about ourselves and our world that we have ultimately avoided, possibly because they are too painful to face or that we are not ready to see  or that we fear the isolation that the realisation might bring. It also might involve letting go of ways that we once thought to be supportive but  with insight have come to realize that they have in fact reinforced our avoidance of truth and our conditioned identity.

It also might partly  be that we, habitually and obsessively as a species and as individuals, seek certainty and security in life despite  the truth being that there is no such thing to be found. This seems to be the realisation that is unfolding  for me and influencing me at this time. It involves coming to an awareness that in letting go of intention and effort that was fueled by this blind search we authentically discover what we are and in doing so we allow for an unfolding from this  more expansive place of truth and  authenticity.

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