A More Direct Experience of Life

Coming to know ourselves in a more direct way can be a very rewarding experience. When we use abstract constructs and notions that others have created to understand we are limited by these definitions. We  are also  confined by what can be known and observed and measured. And we are limited by language. Different languages are able to capture different aspects when focused on examination and expression of the objects of focus. Our knowing is as well limited  by the capacity of the senses. All of these ways are helpful  in understanding  pieces of the whole mind but to know ourselves intimately involves looking and being in a different way.

There is much about our minds that can not be understood  through a factual reductionist knowing and understanding. The mind and consciousness can not be known through the examination of pieces.  And whst  about the pieces that are beyond measurement or that we have no way of being conscious of? There are many gaps in our efforts to understand in  this way.

I have  come to realize through my involvement with others that there is great benefit in exploring the direct experience through conscious awareness with others in intimate revelation and sharing with one another.  Exploration of the direct experience involves moving beyond habitual and conventional ways of knowing and relating. It involves a openess and willingness to question and examine the way we do things, our perception of things and especially the way of thinking that has become a part of us as  a separate self influenced by our parental and social conditioning. This conditioning can be a powerful influence that interferes with a more direct and whole experience of living, relating and embracing of life.

Ironically we can come to see with much greater clarity if we are able to move beyond the need to see with certainty and coming to realize hat all of our understanding is relative.

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