Vulnerability, Questioning and Openess

When we find something to believe in it is easy to abandon the essential questioning and mystery  of life. A sense of security can arise from our  belief.  A belief in Buddhism or other religion or spiritual discipline  can provide  this for us as well. Belief can shield us in protective views, concepts and even figures who we come to idealize and feel secure with.

Doubt and questioning of what we believe in and what we think that we know can move us on from the protective shield and beyond what has become static in belief. The person who questions becomes exposed, prepared for the unpredictability of the moment. We can not know the truth of the whole by focusing on what we have, in terms of belief, knowlege or anything else. What life is, is bigger than belief and it is ever changing.

There is a Buddhist sutra, the Discourse to the Kalamas. The sutra encourages a person to doubt what is written and what has been told to them and to look beyond authority. It ends with, “But O Kalamas when you know for yourself when certain things are unwholesome or wrong than give them up And when you know for yourself that certain things are wholesome or good, than follow them.”

For me this involves questioning to the point of being willing to  let go of the security and certainty that we find in our institutions and structures and all things that we have and have come to feel secure and certain in. To do this in a way that authentically questions and that encourages a knowing for ourselves discovering a light from within, not of convention or authority that leads us in this way of being. We open to the unknown and in this willingness to open we invite a more authentic experience however without a familiar foundation we may be. This is the vulnerable way.

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