Eternal Vitality Rather than Eternal Life

“There is in the struggle for existence, no increase of security, no protection against emotional turbulence. There is no security and never any satisfaction and contentment with what one has. How can you be thrown into this marvelous incertitude and multiplicity of existence without questioning it, without trembling with the desire and passion that is the result of such questioning.”


In Stefan Zweigs account of Nietzsche, written in 1925′ the best that I have encountered, he suggests that for Nietzsche it is eternal vitality that counts, not eternal life. This sense of uncertainly seems to contradict what is valued in modern times. He is also implying that there is no security in a set system of thinking or in fixed thoughts. Things are constantly changing with multiple factors affecting them. But there is something in our conditioning that searches for fixed understanding. This fixed understanding may not exist. This thinking has helped mankinds struggle for survival although it may now be a way that must be transcended if we are to survive. A step forward may be the recognition of the limitation of this thinking.

Article about Stefan Zweig,s Fascination with Nietzsche

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