In the Search for Certitude We Define and Confine

These days I find that I sometimes allow myself to address attempts by others to classify or label me. I do this not to defend the self that I believe myself to be but to confront  the effort to make myself into a self that I am not. I reject the definitions and concepts used  in attempting to do so  primarally because I have explored the self that I am quite thoroughly and in doing so I have found it to be nothing as concrete as those suggestions imply.

Generally our human conditioning is such that  structured thinking and  fixed concepts provide us with a false sense of  certainty and an illussive sense that we know. We look to define and in our search for certitude we confine our perception. We notice only what we become conditioned to notice and ignore things that are more subtlely present.

In my embracing of incertitude I embrace my humanity. I am many things perfect in my imperfection the whole of which can not be captured in anothers fragmented understanding or analysis. To do so is limiting. We are a mystery and only in that realization can we unfold into greater mysteries. But we have made life on this planet  into something much less than that.

The being that we are. the life that we are a part of and the creatures that we are connected to are much more than  can be realized in our reduction to  concepts. They  serve   a deluded concrete perception and in making what we perceive into something concrete it becomes fundamentally a fragmented understanding.

To find the way through this  to a life that is beyond our conventional perceptions, thoughts iand understandings involves making a conscious shift to see and  be in a more whole way than we have been conditioned to.



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