Cutting Loose From the Story

Complete Transformation | April 22, 2014
If spirituality is only about self-transcendence—about seeing through the story of ‘me’ that we habitually inhabit—then it runs the risk of cutting us loose from that story so that we no longer take care of the human wounds of self and other. No matter how imaginary the self proves to be, we return to its world. If spiritual or transcendent insight doesn’t lead to healing and transformation in our actual daily lives, it is clearly incomplete.
—Henry Shukman, “Light and Dark”

Light and Dark by Henry Shukman from Tricycle

At 60 years of age I think that I am coming to have a more lucid  idea of what I am and I am not. I see the limitations and imperfections that have ruled and wonder now if I can lay them aside. Maybe in the accepting  and  letting go I can unfold in a more compassionate light. One wonders if it all has been more a product of age rather than a result of meditation and contemplation.

I also enjoyed this article for entertainment value  about Jeff bridges in Tricycyle. He seems to be an actor committed to practice.

Jeff Bridges Interview in Tricycle



3 thoughts on “Cutting Loose From the Story

  1. ‘One wonders if it all has been more a product of age rather than a result of meditation and contemplation.’

    Reminds me of a conversation I once had with an abbot of a monastery. He asked about my own development and I answered similarly.


    1. Yea I have no doubt that age has something to do with it but we have a canny ability to rationalise our delusional thinking.


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