Conditioned Ego or Ego

It is not that I don’t have faith in humanity to change it is that I do not have faith in the ego as it has been conditioned and there is no way for me to be gentle about that. So a lot of conclusions that we make about life that are concepts of the ego I do not identify with them as truth. I feel that as we come to touch our deepest self only than does the ego unfold naturally and authentically oriented to a way of truth. But I feel that collectively we are sleeping influenced by a dualism which for me is simply a disconnect from our core human essence and I realise that it will take a radical shift and possibly an extreme crisis before we can come to trust in something that is beyond the conditioned ego. It is only in trusting this that we can evolve. It can be a very difficult  realisation to awaken in this way  because it involves connecting with our sense of vulnerability and authentic acknowledgement of our  limitations. We have to be able to come to see and understand how the conditioned ego veils us from these truths and perpetuates a duality in this way.

I can identify with  what writers such as Krishnamurti, Osho, Jean Klein, Chogyam Trungpa, and Nisargadatta write about. They tell it like it is from their own perception and experience. The conditioned ego is manipulative and not to be trusted. It lurks in inaction and convention. There are many other writers that  guide humans towards a more whole way; writer such as Joko Beck, Toni Packer, Rachel Carson, Pema Chodron.

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