Ultimate Truth

I have never been so able to be intimate  as I am coming to be. I finding  that being truthful in terms of learning to  be with what is as opposed to living a life in effort,  moulding  and forming myself  into something. There is nothing authentic in this. In Joseph Goldsteins new book he talks about relative truths and ultimate truths. Relative truth involves the conventional world of self and object. A world of grasping on to relative truths veils us from ultimate truths. If we are able to look deeper to what we truly are we will see the illusive and disorienting impact of relative truth.

I think that our modern culture has embraced norms that aren’t even truthful on a relative level. It’s not so easy to know who someone is. Issues of individual rights, self promoting intent and privacy add to this veiling. In the end I think that deception to one self and others has a way of catching up with you. All that you are hiding from the world it ends up that you are hiding from yourself. And all this obsession with the relative interferes with the  liberation that can be experienced from realising more ultimate truth.

So it seems to me  that I am better off getting on with living in a most honest and authentic way  accepting my own limitations, self-doubt and humanness. That is what the world will see in me at times if I am open and authentic. That self knowing and acceptance and exploration of what I am leads me to deeper more ultimate realisation and in turn way of relating to life.


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