Bill Plotkin: The Crises of the Earth

My friend Anne passes on links to me at times. This link  I greatly appreciated  so  I purchased his book. It touches on the concerns that I have about where humankind is and where they are headed. He writes about how we have been separated from our origins and how this has resulted in our attitudes towards nature and all other things that we encounter in our lives.

I think about what Ken Wilber has written about  evolution. In talking to others I hear that some think that humankind  is evolving and that there is evidence  that consciousness is expanding. And I don’t doubt that this is so but as Ken Wilber has noted that for every human developmental step there is a challenge that comes with it. The challenge involves seeing, understanding and moving beyond the aspect of that new development that blocks it from further growth. It involves seeing the developmental step clearly and including it. Growth or  transcendence  comes from this openness and clarity,  including all that we have come from before us and moving beyond it in  the creative way that is life itself.  I  cant help but think that this is true for where human development is at this point. Can we come to see the development of the ego in this light that it is a developmental step in the evolution of consciousness and that we perpetuate a block if in identifying with it we do not see that we are more than it. We  must come to include the  connection that we have with all else on this planet and come to include all that has been a part of us as essential to us. This is all essential if we hope to take a greater  responsibility in our collective decision making.

Bill Plotkin: Beyon Apocalypse

This is his new book.

Nature and the Human Soul

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