Saving Mr Banks

I watched the John Lee Hancock directed movie Saving Mr. Banks  the other day. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson have the main roles in the movie. It was  a very touching movie especially the last half of it when P.L. Travers the author of Marry Poppins, played by Thompson, begins to open up. It seemed to be such a natural unfolding of someone who had become quite closed down and bitter about life. It wasn,t  the presence of abuse that was the cause of  the young P.L. Travers to become stuck in this way but more a quality of love that she had for someone. I found the movie to be quite powerful in the affect it had on me seeing such a realistic possibility that we can become stuck in life for many reasons but than we can come to open and move beyond our point of closing down  at any time in our life. It seems that a number of relationships that she developed with some very warm hearted Americans including Walt Disney himself played by Hanks contributed to this. I dont know what the reality of the story is but the movie was a joy.

As I have discussed at earlier blogs  what you see is not always what you get. In my own investigation of Marry Travers it became clear that she had some very difficult times in her life. It is also clear that she turned to deeper searching to help find her self and was a dedicated follower of Gurdief. There is lots of controversy about her on the web that illustrates how the movie might not be a reflection of factual truth or at least not complete in its portrayal of people, but I would say that the movie was very well done and that it  expresses something real about human relationships and about the possibility of opening of the heart.

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