Krishnamurti Aside

I have regularly  turned to Krishnmurtis  talks  at various points of my life as an aid and  inspiration to opening. I say talks because from what I understand he did not write his books but was asked by others to speak at gatherings. Others wrote what Krishnamurti said in his talks.

He had a confrontive style. I refer to it as a slap in the face style and many people have difficulty with it.  I read recently that David Bohm who collaborated with Krishnamurti on a number of occasions was deeply offended by his directness and opinion of him.  But at the same time I find that his way was a  way of pointing to the truth that works for me.It seems to me that he spoke in generalities and brought attention to things that people took for granted to be true. For me he promotes a questioning and a doubt that is essential to deeper examination. One thing that he said will always remain for me and that was that ” the word is not the truth” and for me his words are not the truth, my words are not the truth. Words are incomplete ways of grasping the truth and he constantly reminded me as he said repeatedly  that we should not listen to his words but go discover for ourselves. If words take us from that place where we authentically discover what we are then I wonder what use they are.

At this point in my life I feel  as he did that there is a substantial amount of delusion and ignorance that is ultimately destructive and  a consequence of mans collective consciousness. In terms of discussion about love the thing that stands out most for me in my own relationships in life is that there can be no love when there is separation,  a consequence of dualism and most of what we have created as humans has been a consequence of our dualistic thinking. It is not so much that we should stop thinking but to explore and see for ourselves the nature and limitations of thinking. I know as well for myself when I am self fixated, which seems to be moments that I am consumed by thinking, there is no space for love or connection to another.

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