We Have No Love

This sums it up for me.

This is what Krishnamurti is about for me and most of the things that he says comes back to this.

For me the question becomes how do we bring love to the separation
We can not will away separation it just creates more division and separation.
But in presence the separation falls away
In presence we see the boundaries and division that we are and that we have  perpetuated and that we continue to perpetuate in the name of knowing, science, religion, common sense and understanding
But in authentic understanding knowing is something beyond our conventional development that we have become attached to.
From this place that we have been conditioned into,  the absence that we have created, we search for our way back through ways that create bigger boundaries that keep us from that truth.
 You know, actually we have no love – that is a terrible thing to realize. Actually we have no love; we have sentiment; we have emotionality, sensuality, sexuality; we have remembrances of something which we have thought as love. But actually, brutally, we have no love. Because to have love means no violence, no fear, no competition, no ambition. If you had love you will never say, “This is my family.” You may have a family and give them the best you can; but it will not be “your family” which is opposed to the world. If you love, if there is love, there is peace. If you loved, you would educate your child not to be a nationalist, not to have only a technical job and look after his own petty little affairs; you would have no nationality. There would be no divisions of religion, if you loved. But as these things actually exist – not theoretically, but brutally – in this ugly world, it shows that you have no love. Even the love of a mother for her child is not love. If the mother really loved her child, do you think the world would be like this? She would see that he had the right food, the right education, that he was sensitive, that he appreciated beauty, that he was not ambitious, greedy, envious. So the mother, however much she may think she loves her child, does not love the child. So we have not that love. – Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. XV Varanasi 5th Public Talk 28th November 1964

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